This is an online resource bank in which you will find lots of useful information about both the world of work and further study beyond QM.

The sections cover careers options, writing CVs, recording your work experience, preparing for interviews, applying to university, choosing your courses, the UCAS process, taking a gap year and alternatives to university.

The Fine Art Course in the lower sixth is first composed of an introductory  drawing course followed by a main extensive practical topic. Life drawing is available for one hour per week. This is good to have for Art Foundation Applications.

In the upper sixth you will work on one main practical topic and write a 3000 word Related Study which should be illustrated.

You will also do a second practical topic in the upper sixth which leads to the 15 hour examination in May.You will be given the exam paper after Christmas in the Upper Sixth year. You thn have a little over a term to prepare for this examination.

This is the Year I Computer Science Course.

This is the Year II Computer Science Course

VLE course for delivery of the taught element of the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) and associated student support materials

Resources for A-level English Literature students studying AQA Specification A.

Resources for A-level English Language & Literature (combined course)

I would like to open a class to put some materials on for the PET exam.


This course will just contain a copy of the Scheme of Work for Year I with Topics and a Skills Breakdown

  • Food and drink
  • Health and illnesses
  • Holidays
  • Fashion

A course for the A level topic Foundations of Physics

A course for remote teaching Lower 6 Physics A level

A course for remote teaching Year IV sets 2 and 3 Trilogy (dual award) PhysicsF

A course for remote teaching  Set 1 Phyiscs GCSE (separate science)

A course for the Year V who are considering A level Physics to work through in the Summer Term 2020

This course is to guide Year IV through the Energy Resources Project for the Summer term

On-line forms for staff to submit to the Administrative teams of the school.

This course contains useful help and guidance regarding IT Support at Queen Margaret's.

An area for sharing public examination documents, timetables, etc with staff and students.

A VLE area for all staff to chat or share resources...

Hangout and chat in your common room

With so many live streams taking place from across the world we’ll be enjoying an eclectic mix of ballet, opera and musicals.

Miss Kornas

A collection of documents belonging to the QM Foundation, to be accessed by Foundation trustees and QM Staff responsible for administrative, executive and clerical duties of the Foundation.

An area for the School Governors to share resources and information

Area to house the policies and documentation for the ISI to access

An area for all staff policies and documentation

This course contains video versions of the Safeguarding training sessions which have been run at the school, so that those who miss the training event can watch them at a later date.

VLE Testing